A collection of concrete building and paving project case studies.




ConcreteTracker is a collection of concrete building and paving case studies assembled by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA). Building owners, developers. architects, engineers and others interested in seeing a concrete building near them can search the map and get information about concrete building or paving projects in their area.

Explore the map - The map works just like Google Maps

Drag the map - Click on the map (or place two fingers on the map for mobile devices) and drag it to center projects you want to explore.

Zoom - Click on the + or - buttons on the bottom right of the map to zoom in and out.

Map view - Toggle between map and satellite view at the top left of the map.

Narrow your search - Use the check boxes to select a Project Category (Building, Parking Lot or Street). Or select from drop down lists to search projects by Project Type (Apartment, Office, School, etc.), by Construction Type (Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), Conventional Concrete, Tilt-Up, etc.) or by State.  You can select any combination to narrow your search. Click 'Submit" to find projects that meet your criteria.

Project detail - Click on a pin to see additional detail about that project. Click on "Detail' button to zoom into that project and get even more detail and links to case studies and project images and directions to the project.

Street view - Drag the "person" icon on the bottom right of the map to the street the project is located for a street view.

Start over - Click on the "Reset" button on the map page to re-center the map and start a new search.

Can't find a project in your neighborhood? There are literally millions of concrete building and pavement projects all over the U.S. Just because there isn't a pin on the map doesn't mean there isn't one close by. NRMCA's Concrete Design Center can help you find concrete projects in your area or if you have a concrete project you want to include on the map, contact us:

Building projects - For building projects contact Lionel Lemay at or (847) 922-7995.

Pavement projects - Form pavement projects contact Brian Killingsworth at or (210) 508-4923.